TTXGP Racing Motorcycle Spotted At Electric Vehicle Festival

TTXGP Racing Electric Motorcycle Spotted At Electric Vehicle Festival

Along With Other Electric Motorcycle Conversions

TTXGP racing Voltron Electric Motorcycle At 2011 Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival

TTXGP racing Voltron Electric Motorcycle At 2011 Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival

At the 2011 Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival, a TTXGP Racing Motorcycle was exhibited at the event. It was the Voltron bike of Dr Chris Jones. This bike was originally a Suzuki RG250. There were 2 other Electric Motorcycle Conversions (another Suzuki and a Yamaha) exhibited next to the Voltron. I also saw another bike called the Zero Motorcycles, which was parked away from the other bikes. The police (in yellow jacket) even took the Voltron for a ride on the closed section of road.


Voltron TTXGP Racing Electric Bike taken for a ride by the police (in yellow jackets) on a closed off section of road. These police officers did a great job at enabling Electric Vehicles to be driven legally on this closed section of road. Thank You to these police officers for enabling this.

Why Are Electric Motorcycles Being Discussed On An Electric Car Conversion Blog?

Electric Motorcycles have a lot of similarities to Electric Cars. There are some similarities between Electric Motorcycle Conversions and Electric Car Conversions. What can be learned from Electric Motorcycle Conversions is transferable to Electric Car Conversions. Both use Electric Motors, Motor Controllers, Batteries etc.

The Voltron had 2 Agni Motors, with the output shafts attached to each other. The other Electric Motorcycles had 1 Electric Motor each.

Bike Name: Voltron 3Fazer rgelectric
Donor Bike: Suzuki RG250 Yamaha FZS600 Suzuki RG250
Motor: Twin Agni Brushed Permanent Magnet Motor EnerTrac MHM-602 Brushless DC (Hub Motor) Brushless DC Outrunner Motor (Water cooled) ?
Controller: Kelly Contoller KDH12121E 1200 Amps Kelly Contoller KBL12401I 120V, 400A peak with regenerative braking Kelly Contoller Model unknown
Battery Pack: 32 A123 Systems Prismatic 20 Ah cells, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate 38 Thunder Sky LFP60AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 – 120 cells in (24 in series, 5 in parallel) arrangement to give 72 Volts & 50 Ah
More Info:

What Was Interesting About Each Electric Motorcycle?

Each Electric Motorcycle at the 2011 Electric Vehicle Festival was unique which made it interesting to compare the various bikes at the same place. For example, the 3Fazer (aka eFazer) uses a hub motor. This means that there is no chain and that there is more space for batteries in the space where the motor used to be. However, the unsprung weight of the rear wheel increases.

The Voltron used two motors with the shafts joined together. This is an interesting arrangement and provides balance.

The RGElectric used a water cooled brushless outrunner motor which means the permanent magnets are on the outerpart of the motor with the stator windings held in position. I would imagine the major advantage of this is that you get a smoother power delivery.

All 3 bikes used Kelly Controllers and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

My Opinion About The 3 Electric Motorcycle Conversions

Doing an Electric Motorcycle Conversion is not easy because there are space constraints. Also, trying to keep the center of gravity as low as possible is another consideration. Ensuring the bike is fairly balances is vital to ensure it rides well. The 3 Electric Motorcycle Conversions on display were built to a very good standard and I think Yamaha and Suzuki should take note. All these bikes used the latest battery technology. These Electric Motorcycles can go fast and would put many of their gasoline equivalents to shame.


There are many parallels with Electric Cars and Electric Motorcycles. The opportunity for these 2 segments to learn from each other is enormous.

Electric Motorcycles are the way of the future and just like the established car makers, I doubt the established bike makers will seize on this opportunity. In my opinion, there will be more people doing Electric Motorcycle Conversions as the established Motorcycle manufacturers appear to be still asleep.

This is Crazy Al signing out.

P.S. Check out the article when Crazy Al took the 2011 Australian TTXGP Championship Winning Electric Motorcycle for a joy ride.

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