Summernats 2012 – Sunday and Overall Report from Electric Car Conversion Blog ‘s Perspective

Summernats 2012 – Sunday and Overall Report from Electric Car Conversion Blog ‘s Perspective

Summernats Crowds At Canberra EV Stall On A Cloudy Sunday

Summernats Crowds At Canberra EV Stall On A Cloudy & 'Quiet' Sunday

Sunday is historically quieter than the other days at Summernats (as entrants pack up) and with the heavy and random showers, I was expecting the place to be quiet. I was proven wrong. Although slightly quieter than Friday and Saturday, the crowds still came and they often stayed longer to discuss greater details about Electric Cars, Electric Go Karts and Electric Car Conversions with some of them sharing their experiences about their Electric Vehicles.

There were numerous V8 muscle cars still driving up and down in front of us and many of them slowed down to have a look at our display. Some even stopped in front of us and we had a good discussion about their V8 muscle cars and our Electric Vehicles. It has to be noted that these muscle cars are meticulously prepared cars and I have a lot of respect for these cars and their owners. A number of people who spoke to us were interested in building a muscle car that was Electric and I look forward to seeing them at future events.

The burnouts were still going on and there were numerous great displays happening around the place. The place is huge that I did not get to see everything. I can now see why it is called Australia’s Biggest Horse Power Party.

Again, the camaraderie amongst the entrants was great. Entrants with muscle cars had a lot of respect for the Electric Vehicles and some of them were interested in the technical details of my Electric Go Kart.

With the i-MiEV, my Electric Go Kart and the Electric Volkswagen Beetle on display coupled with the random heavy showers, it was a good test to see if these vehicles would function after a down pour. We later proved that the rain was not a drama for these vehicles as when I was packing up at the end of the day, I fired up my Electric Go Kart and it functioned without any dramas. The Electric Volkswagen Beetle with it’s rear lid removed drove  away without any dramas. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV drove flawlessly and after the event, I took the opportunity to test drive it and will write a review about what I thought of the i-MiEV.

There are a number of people I would like to thank including, but not limited to:

  • Summernats organizers, staff, volunteers, sponsors and those who make the event possible. Organizing such a huge event is difficult and I’m glad that I was able to participate in it.
  • Mainline Automotive Equipment – we were next to them and when their dynos were cranking, they were pulling in the crowds which helped draw crowds to our Electric Vehicle Display. Also, they let me store my Electric Go Kart overnight in the pavilion they were using which was very nice of them.
  • The security staff, especially Jamie for looking after my Electric Go Kart whilst stored over night.
  • Crowd Pulling Graphics By Funky Car Skins

    Crowd Pulling Graphics By Funky Car Skins

    Funky Car Skins – my sponsor who did the fantastic graphics for my Electric Go Kart. The graphics pulled in a lot of interest about my Electric Go Kart and Electric Vehicles. I know Mick from Funky Car Skins worked very hard during the Christmas and New Year holiday season to get my graphics for my Electric Go Kart ready for Summernats. And special thanks to his wife and son for allowing Mick to work on it during their holidays. That’s dedication.

  • ACT Electric Vehicle Council – for sponsoring my entry into the event.
  • Canberra EV – the electric vehicle club I’m in that put the display together and invited me to display my Electric Go Kart at Summernats 2012. The president, Julia, put in a mammoth effort in organizing the display and making it happen which I’m grateful for. Also, there were other members like Tony, Paul, Arthur. Mishka, plus volunteers who helped me out and covered for me when I was not at the display.
  • Kirsty for the neon – it looked great.
  • All the entrants at Summernats – without them, there would be no show. Also, they showed us a lot of respect which is great.
  • The attendees and the crowds – Thank you for coming and checking out my Electric Go Kart and talking to me. Many of you gave great suggestions and feedback and I’m now in the process of working out the next steps in implementing many of them.
  • Other exhibitors – they help attract the crowds and help give variety for the crowds, plus I can get ideas as well.
  • Anyone else who contributed to the success of the event and made it a great weekend.

As this was the first time I’ve been to Summernats, I’m impressed and look forward to future Summernats events.

This is Crazy Al signing out.

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