EV Community Member Needs Your Help And Vote Today

EV Community Member, Catavolt, Needs Your Help And Vote, Today!

Why Voting For Catavolt Helps You?

Crazy Al And Jon Eggenhuizen Of Catavolt

Jon Eggenhuizen Of Catavolt takes time to show Crazy Al the Catavolt Electric Motorcycle

As many of you know, as a blogger and an EV enthusiast, I have the pleasure of meeting various people who have done Electric Vehicle Conversions which also includes Electric Motorcycle Conversions and Electric Car Conversions. One such person who I have had the pleasure of meeting is Jon Eggenhuizen of Catavolt. Jon is one of those guys who gets things done and one of those things is Electric Motorcycle Conversions. His company, Catavolt, also does Custom Rewinds (which is responsible for the Electric Motor for the World’s Fastest Ride On) and Electric Vehicle Parts.

I first met Jon at the last round of the Australian 2011 TTXGP Championship. In fact, I wondered into his pit garage, a typical Crazy Al thing to do. Jon was busy  preparing the Catavolt Electric Motorcycle as the championship was yet to be decided. At that time, he was solving a battery charging issue. Despite being under a lot of pressure and stress, he was friendly and made time to talk to me and explain things to me. Over that weekend, I had the opportunity to pick his brains and some of his wisdom has been shared on this blog. In fact, just after winning the 2011 Australian TTXGP Championship, Jon let me take the Catavolt Electric Motorcycle for a joy ride.

Over the last couple of months, Jon has helped me with various ideas for my Electric Go Kart and I know he has helped many others in the EV Community with their EV Conversions. When I saw Jon preparing his Catavolt Electric Motorcycle a few weeks ago, at round 1 of the 2012 Australian TTXGP championship, despite being busy, I was able to ask him heaps of questions regarding the enhancements I’m doing to my Electric Go Kart. He gave me the answers I needed. On top of that, I had a number of people follow me into his pit garage (ranging from team owners, racers and spectators) and they, too, were asking Jon questions which he happily answered.

Why are Jon and his company, Catavolt, valuable members of the EV Community?

Jon and his company, Catavolt are valuable members of the EV Community. He innovates and shares his knowledge with others in the EV Community (that’s people like you and I), thus is a great contributor to the EV Community. Jon has helped me with my Electric Go Kart. When I have a specific question about an enhancement I want to do with my Electric Go Kart, Catavolt is one of the first companies I ask – not General Motors.

General Motors, despite receiving government bailouts and other forms of assistance (corporate welfare), pay their executives huge sums of money, yet in my opinion, General Motors seems to lack enthusiasm with EVs. Just look at the EV1 and look how they suspended production of the Chevy Volt in 2012 before it was even released in various target markets where customers have been waiting.

On the other hand, Catavolt has been enthusiastically innovating, building and contributing to the EV Community. Catavolt has been involved in land speed records and in TTXGP Motorcycle racing. To help Jon grow Catavolt and continue to serve the EV Community better, Jon is seeking a grant from the bank.

Here is one easy and quick way You can help Jon and Catavolt get a bank grant so Catavolt can continue contributing to the EV Community.

Suncorp Bank is offering grants to businesses. To help Catavolt receive a grant, I urge you to visit https://www.suncorpbankhelpinghand.com.au/vote-for/catavolt/ and click on Vote, now! By doing this simple action, you are increasing Jon’s chances, through Catavolt, to win a grant. Winning this grant will help Catavolt to continue contributing to the EV Community, which in turn helps people like YOU and I.

It only takes a few seconds and by clicking on Vote, you are ultimately helping our EV Community.

This is Crazy Al signing out.

P.S. Catavolt has supported our EV Community (that’s people like YOU and I). Now, Catavolt needs your support. Vote Now! Thank you for your support.


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  1. gary says:

    The link to vote is undergoing maintenance. Does not work.

    • admin says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you for visiting.
      I too, noticed Suncorp’s site did undergo some maintenance two days ago.
      This was a bit unexpected for me when I saw that maintenance notice.
      The site is back up now and ready to accept people’s votes.

      Kind Regards

  2. alprowse says:

    good gear great results –seems to be a dedicated team

  3. RAY says:



    • admin says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you for visiting.
      I look forward to putting up more info on this blog.


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