Electric Car News-2011 Highlights Summary

Electric Car News-2011 Highlights Summary

Electric Car News 2011 Highlights Summary

Hi everyone,

It’s Al Bunzel, also known as Crazy Al from ElectricCarConversionBlog.com with the Electric Car News 2011 Highlights Summary.

Thank You for visiting my blog and also thank you for your support during 2011.

2011 was an interesting year for Electric Cars. Many established cars makers were gas bagging about what they are going to be producing in 2012, 2013, 2018. Whilst they were gas bagging, I was actually out there checking out, driving and/or riding in various Electric Cars and Electric Vehicles and you can see the reports on some of them on my blog.

I also got my Electric Go Kart going during 2011, thanks to friends, family, blog readers – that’s you, sponsors and various others for their support and also their assistance.

I also took for a joy ride the 2011 Australian TTXGP championship winning [Electric] Bike which was the Catavolt. That [Electric] Bike competed against the Ripperton R1 and also the Voltron. The performance of these Electric Bikes in my opinion is up there with the 600 cc Super Bikes.

During 2011, there was a lot of talk about the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Chevy Volt. Those [Electric] Vehicles continued to sell well because production could not keep up with demand and that resulted in long waiting lists.

Tesla have announced or that Tesla announced details and pricing for the Tesla Model S. The Tesla Roadster has ceased production in preparation for the Tesla Model S.


During 2011, I actually asked to display my Electric Go Kart, which I did, at the 2011 Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival, where I displayed alongside manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan and Mitsubishi and also I displayed alongside several other Electric Cars, well Do It Yourself (DIY) Electric Car Conversions. So, it was actually an interesting day. It was a fantastic day and I got to meet a lot of you at the 2011 Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival, so that was great.

I’ve also been asked to display at the 2012 Summernats Car Festival. Currently, one of my sponsors, Funky Car Skins and I, we’re preparing the [Electric] Go Kart because we want to make it interesting and exciting display at the 2012 Summernats. So I hope to see a number of you, well, I hope to see you at the Summernats.

As usual, various manufacturers will be making statements about what they are going to be producing in 2012. We’ll see if they come to fruition. My answer to that is you are better of doing your own Electric Car Conversion or your own Electric Vehicle Conversion.

2012 is going to be an exciting and electrifying year.

Best wishes for 2012. Please book mark this blog and please visit it regularly.

This is Crazy Al signing out.

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